We have started our annual "end of year" giving campaign. This year we are so Excited! We have a donor who has established a matching fund up to $30,000. This means for the first $30,000 we get, it will be doubled. Your donation of $500 means AGA gets $1,000, so this is the year to give to AGA because your donation doubles! Yippee!

This is the year we are going to raise $100,000. That may be an ambitious goal but this matching fund makes it realistic. Please think of AGA this year for your tax deductible donation. Keep the receipt you get when you make the donation but we are happy to send you a letter for your tax records. The campaign will start the day after Thanksgiving, which is closer than you think, but as a golden told me recently "squirrel away some dollars for AGA". I assure you that your donation will be used for the care of orphans before they go to their new homes. Thank you for making AGA possible. With us, it's also all about completing families. We are proud that we have completed nearly 4,000 families since we started our rescue. That's really amazing, if I do say so myself, in less than 15 years.

As the giving season starts, save a little for us because we will make it go Twice as far.

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End of Year donation