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Finding a New Home for Your Golden
Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances dictate the need to find a new home for our pets. If you have a Golden Retriever and are considering finding a new home for your Golden, please contact us by completing the owner release form and emailing us a picture of your Golden with its veterinary records to: needhome@

You may also leave us a voicemail message by calling: 404-DOGLESS (404-364-5377) or fax the owner surrender form, picture of your Golden, and veterinary records to our toll free fax at 1-800-790-4834. We will contact you promptly to discuss your situation and provide you with some solutions!

Be assured that we are here to help you. We know that Golden Retriever rescue organizations are often filled to capacity with shelter dogs and have a waiting list for owners who must surrender their dogs. We do not want you to have to turn to a shelter, so please contact us!

Adopt a Golden Retriever surrender form

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