Dear Adopt A Golden Atlanta,

I just had to thank you. Three years ago we adopted the most wonderful dog from your organization ... his name was Butch. He was 10 years old and the sweetest boy we could ask for. We had just lost two Goldens that year and were not planning on taking on another dog ... because it hurt too much to lose them. So, we thought the next best thing was to foster and give someone else the pleasure of having a wonderful pet.

Well, 2 days after Butch arrived I knew we could not let him go. For 3 years and 9 months he gave us so much pleasure. Last week, he lost all feeling in his legs. The Vet tried but there was nothing to be done, so we made the hardest decision to put him down. I can rationalize this by saying he lived to the ripe old age of 13 years 9 months, and did not have a sick day the entire time. The day before he died, he had his daily run in the woods and enjoyed his dinner just like always. But it is still hard.

I just had to thank you because you made our time with Butch happen. And for those of you who think it is too painful to adopt a senior golden, you are wrong. There are never any guarantees in life. We bought a puppy at 8 weeks and she was diagnosed with Lymphoma at 4 years. We went through chemo with her and extended her life by 2 years, but we lost her right after her 6th birthday. Counting Butch, I have had 3 goldens that lived until their 13th birthday. So, you can never tell what will happen. And just knowing the joy you can bring these seniors is worth every minute you can spend with them.

I have attached my favorite photo of Butch. He just loved the beach. That photo also made your calendar this year – He is your "Mr. July". He will always be our special boy.

Thank you for bringing him into our lives,

The Butler Family