Turkey Dogs 3 – August 22, 2015

Working with our contacts in Istanbul, AGA arranged for a flight of Goldens to arrive in August. Partnering with our sister organization, Adopt a Golden Birmingham, we were able to bring 30 more homeless Golden Retrievers from Turkey. AGA took 24 of the Goldens and six went to Birmingham to find their forever homes. AGA gave these dogs “Americana” names. The dogs on this flight were living in shelters, in the streets and even in the forests.

Aunt Bea and Opie, a mother and son were found at the edge of the forest. Other dogs were trying to fight with the 6-month-old golden who couldn’t fight back and Aunt Bea was trying to protect her son. Luckily, our Turkish contacts found them and Aunt Bea and Opie arrived in Atlanta and won’t have to worry about those fighting dogs any more!

Jitterbug, a beautiful female Golden also made the trip after our Turkish shelter volunteers found her in the forests begging for food. She won’t have to wonder ever again where her next meal is coming from.