Turkey Dogs 5 – December 6, 2015

Just in time for the holidays, 29 more Golden Retrievers from Turkey arrived on December 6. And, of course, we gave them all holiday-related names! There were 14 girls and 15 boys on the plane. These dogs all live in the outside shelters, streets or forests and because of the brutal wintertime in Turkey, we decided to bring more dogs on this flight than we usually do. Here are our new orphans and what we know about them:


  1. Sugar Plum - 5-6 year-old female. Found in the depths of the forest and not able to move.. The moment she entered the volunteer's car she was smiling. Today she sleeps on couches, eats very good food and has become bilingual because her foster mom in Turkey taught her English.
  2. Tinsel - 1 year-old. She has had a severe accident, recovered almost completely but one of her paws is damaged and she cannot walk on it.
  3. Gingerbread - 2 year-old. Lived in a small city where she was fed around restaurants. She has learned few commands very easily and she begs for love all the time.
  4. Noel - 3 year-old. She was spayed in a shelter and few days later was going to be put in a forest when our Turkish volunteers got her. Very social.
  5. Christmas Rose - 7-8 year-old. Other than being overweight/obese, she doesn't seem to have any serious health problems.
  6. Glitter - 8-9 month-old female. She was brought to a small municipality shelter for spaying and was going to be put on the street. She is very calm, full of love.
  7. Snow Flake - 2-3 year-old . Lived in a municipality shelter, was spayed there and kept as she is very beautiful and had the chance to be adopted but no one came to claim her.
  8. Candy Cane - 7-8 month old .She was spayed in a municipality shelter. She is very social.
  9. Holly Berry - 4 year-old. She had been living in a crowded shelter for many months. Very social.
  10. Sugar Cookie - 6-7 month-old. Spayed and rescued from a crowded shelter. Friendly, social.
  11. Jingles - 4-5 year-old. Rescued from a puppy mill, spayed in a shelter. Has a balance problem when excited. She is very social, plays with all the dogs, jumps on people but something is wrong. Istanbul vet said it could be that she lived too long in a small space where she could only turn.
  12. Egg Nog - 1 ½ -2 year-old. She is comes from a shelter where she was spayed two months ago. She is social and she is living with many other dogs with no problem.
  13. Comet - 3 year-old from shelter. Turkish vet discovered that she doesn't see out of one eye or has limited sight and gave her drops. She manages perfectly and she is very social.
  14. Garland - 3-4 year-old. Last dog pulled from the shelter for this flight She is very social.

Sugar Plum Before

Sugar Plum After

Frosty Before

Frosty After


  1. Rudolph (Rudy) Born on May 25th in a puppy mill and sold 2 months later to a family who couldn't take care of him. He was handed to a volunteer who took very good care of him because she knew he was meant to come to America. Not neutered because of his age. Very social, very sweet.
  2. Santa - 3 year-old. Found on a sea shore in early summer and then disappeared. Many volunteers looked for him. When found he was bitten, maltreated by other dogs. Social and handsome.
  3. Drummer Boy - 9 month-old. Found in April on highway in a hit and run accident. A passerby took him to a pet hospital. Two broken front legs. After surgeries and good treatment he could walk and even run. One leg healed. Second leg may have nerve damage.
  4. Cuma Jolly - 3 year old. Was found all by himself in a small village by a volunteer who brought him to her house, had him neutered and wishes he has a home from now on. He is very social.
  5. Saint Nick - 1 year-old. Had an owner who abandoned him in a pet shop and disappeared. Very sweet, very social.
  6. Frosty - 3 year-old. Found near a highway chewing a bone. He was afraid of people, ran away and hid for few days. When found days later he was very hungry and thirsty. A volunteer brought him to a shelter where he was neutered. After a good bath, a light-colored golden emerged. Very social.
  7. Clarence - 4-5 year-old. Bought as a puppy, his owners abandoned him in a shelter. He looked very sad at the beginning but got used to his situation and is social but shy at first.
  8. Maccabee - 6 year-old from the famous, very crowded shelter. Has a tumor on his left foreleg which the vet didn't want to operate, it is most probably benign.
  9. Tannenbaum - 4 year-old. Brought to a dog pet hotel three years ago and abandoned. Lived there until it closed down and was going to be put on the street. He is good with people and dogs.
  10. Frankincense - 7-8 year-old. He had serious skin problems, was neutered and shaved in the shelter and treated. Shaved he looks younger.
  11. Elf - 2 year-old. Found outside the famous crowded shelter, probably abandoned. Social.
  12. Ebenezer - At least 6 years old+. He arrived last week to a municipality shelter. He is underweight and sad. He was neutered and waiting to be put on the street.
  13. Dasher - 5-6 year-old has been the father of many goldens. Found in a farm waiting to be rehomed. He is very social..
  14. Dominick - 3-4 year-old. Rescued from the puppy mill/neutered in shelter. He has a problem with one eye and was getting some drops every day in Turkey. He is much better now.
  15. George Bailey - 3 year-old, found in shelter. Very social.

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PAWNOTE: Adoption fees for Turkey dogs are $600 for adults and $800 for dogs under 12 months.

100th AGA Turkey Dog

Christmas Rose
200th Golden Retriever saved from Turkey